Mary, our Mother of Consolation

September 4

Mary, the Mother of God (her greatest title) has been honoured with many other titles as well. Today the Augustinians honour Mary under the title of Our Mother of Consolation. This title of Mary comes down to us from the 4th century, although one might say the consolation brought by Mary goes back to the Gospels and even to the book of Genesis. Saint Monica who was worried for her husband and son Augustine was praying one day to Mary and asking for her help. Mary and the child Jesus appeared to her and Mary assured Monica of her continual help and intercession thus consoling her. As a sign of Mary's continued presence and help Mary gave to Monica a shining cincture and Monica in turn gave it to her son Augustine and Augustine to his religious community. To this day the Augustinians wear this cincture as a physical reminder of Mary's continued help and consolation.


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