Being alive and being aware that we are alive is a wonderful thing. And to put this in the context of living here on this beautiful world created by God out love for us makes existence even more special. It was Aquinas who first really saw the distinction between what something is and that something is. Of course God was showing this to Moses a long long time before Aquinas ever lived, but it's the same insight and it comes from the same source. As a Catholic, which is the best thing in the world, we walk with Jesus and the saints through each year and making present the life of Christ here and now for us. I suppose you could say that this is the place where pure existence, that is God, meets us in our finite existence. The Church is the mystical reality where the infinite and finite touch. In the Church and throughout the Church year we meet God and he meets us. The Church is the continued living presence of God with us. This is my body, this is my blood. 

Advent is a special time in the Church where we can walk with the holy family and prepare to celebrate the coming of the birth of Jesus and in doing this we also prepare for the second coming of Jesus. Being with Jesus in the here and now, this is what gets us prepared for Christmas and the second coming of Jesus. I hope you use these next four weeks to open your heart to the one who is Pure Existence, Jesus. See the beauty of created existence and use it as a stepping stone that causes you to open God.